Customize an Alert Message

Last modified: October 12, 2021


On the Alerts page, you can customize the alert messages.

Alert variables

The following list contains the variables you can use for those alerts:

  • {} - The server’s label.

  • {server.tags} - A comma-separated list of server tags.

  • {server.ipv4} - A comma-separated list of server IPV4 addresses.

  • {server.ipv6} - A comma-separated list of server’s IPV6 addresses.

  • {alert.metric} - The alerts metric to trigger.

  • {alert.warnafter} - The amount of minutes to wait to trigger the alert.

  • {value} - The value of the metric at the moment the alert was opened.

  • {alert.metric_compare} - The metric’s comparison method (higher, lower, equal, notequal).

  • {alert.status} - The alert’s status (open, closed, still open).

  • {alert.device} - The targeted device (for example, when targeting a network interface or mount point).

  • {alert.value} - The offset value for the alert.


  • {} at {server.ipv4} has an issue with {alert.metric}.

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