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The 360 Dashboard is your control center for 360. Its header contains the following options:

  • Servers - Display and manage servers in the following tabs:

    • Servers - All of the servers on your 360 account.

    • Clients - All of the users on servers on your 360 account.

  • Websites - Display and manage websites and domains.

  • Licenses - Display and manage licenses.

    • All Licenses - All of the licenses on your 360 account.

    • Linked emails - Email addresses of server licenses on your 360 account.

  • Monitoring - Display all of the monitored servers and web sites on your 360 account.

  • User profile - Click your email address in the header to display the following options:

    • Business profile - A sidebar with questions about your business use of Plesk and 360.

    • Personal profile - A sidebar that displays your user profile.

    • Change password - Change your 360 password.

    • Log out - Log out of 360.

  • Language selection - Click the current language on right side of the dashboard header, and then select the language you want.

  • API - Access the platform 360 API by an application or script.


If this is your first time using 360, we recommend that you use the Servers option under the Servers tab to add servers to the 360 Dashboard.

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