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User Profile


The User Profile page allows you to manage your 360 account settings.

Click your email address in the header to display the following options:

  • Business profile - A sidebar with questions about your business use of Plesk and 360.

  • Personal profile - A sidebar that displays your user profile.

  • Change password - Change your 360 password.

  • Log out - Log out of 360.

Personal Profile

The Personal Profile page displays your 360 account's settings.

  • Change password - Change your 360 password.

  • Delete - Delete your 360 account.

  • Email - Your account's email address.

  • Name - Your account's display name.

  • Multifactor authentication - Add another layer of security to your 360 account.

  • Consent Management - Allow Plesk to send you additional content and marketing material.

Multifactor authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA), also known as Two Factor Authentication, adds a second layer of security to your account. We recommend that you enable this.

360 currently offers MFA, with the second factor provided by a one-time password (OTP) mobile application, such as:

To add MFA to your account, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Send enrollment e-mail.

  2. Check your email for an invitation to enroll in MFA.

  3. Click Enable multi-factor authentication. A new page will appear in your browser.

  4. Scan the QR code with your authentication app.

  5. Save your recovery code in a secure place and click Continue.

You will now see a Verify Your Identity message every time you log in to 360. Use your authentication app to get the current 6-digit code.

The Consent Management section allows you to control whether you give Plesk permission to send you personalized marketing content, such as newsletters and offers. These follow the Plesk Privacy Policy.

You can select the Platform updates and commercial communication checkbox to enable or disable this setting.

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