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Why do I see a “Plesk is configured incorrectly or a wrong address is entered.” error when I try to add a server?

Your server may be blocking the IP addresses that 360 uses. To add the server, add the following IP addresses to the Allowed list on the IP Access Restriction Management interface:

How does 360 protect my servers’ credentials?

When you add a server to Server Inventory, the system generates a server token. 360 uses this token instead of a login-password pair to send requests to the server, launch control panel sessions, and other operations. 360 stores these encrypted tokens in the 360 database separately from the 360 application server.

Does 360 show all types of sever and extension licenses?

No, it does not. 360 does not display the following types of server and server extension licenses:

  • Plesk licenses bought by partners in Plesk Partner Central.

  • Plesk licenses bought from partners.

  • Plesk licenses bought from Public Cloud Services (for example, Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, and others).

  • Plesk perpetual licenses, which are one-time purchase licenses that allow use of Plesk forever.

  • Plesk licenses that come with a bundle of extensions shipped with (for example, Plesk Business & Collaboration Edition and Plesk WordPress Edition).

  • Plesk extensions’ licenses that sell a bundle of extensions. These are usually extensions located in the “Feature Packs” category of the Extensions Catalog (for example, Hosting Pack or Power Pack).

  • 360 will display a Feature Pack license, but not the licenses for features it contains.

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